In continuation of the discussions that took place between the Umm Al Quwain Chamber and the Japanese Foreign Trade Authority last July, the second meeting between the Chamber and the Japanese Foreign Trade Authority was held on 26/9/2018. The meeting was attended by HE. Saeed Bin Nasser ALTALAY, Chairman of the Board of Directors and HE. Khalfan Ahmed Mesfer, Vice Chairman and HE Aisha Rashid Leytaim, Board Member. On the Japanese side, Mr. Masami Ando, Director General of the Dubai and Middle East Office of the Japanese Foreign Trade Authority, Tsuchi And his first assistant, Mr. David Thomas.


His Excellency Mr. Masami Ando expressed his pleasure to renew the meeting with officials at the Umm Al Quwain Chamber and the aspirations of the Japanese Foreign Trade Commission to build strong relations aimed at developing investment and emphasizing cooperation between Japanese and Emirati businessmen, especially businessmen in Umm Al Quwain. H.E Saeed bin Nasser ALTALAY welcomed the Japanese delegation and expressed his happiness to complete the dialogue and consultation on mechanisms of joint cooperation between Japanese businessmen and their counterparts in Umm Al-Quwain He stressed that there are many areas of investment available in the emirate and there is a definite desire to transfer advanced technologies in Japan, and Khalfan Ahmed Mesfer stressed that there are necessities for mutual cooperation between the two parties, especially as the emirate has many advantages to support and encourage investment. Building new partnerships.

HE Aisha Rashid Leytaim expressed her pleasure to attend this meeting and stressed that there are broad areas for joint cooperation between the two sides, especially in the field of exhibitions, forums and workshops, and that businesswomen have an active role in this regard.


The two sides agreed that a large Japanese delegation representing the business owners will visit the emirate later to be agreed upon to discuss with their counterparts in the emirate ways and mechanisms of joint cooperation. The Chamber will then register the names of businessmen in the emirate who wish to meet with the large Japanese delegation representing business owners and research In the areas of joint cooperation.