Member's Benefits

Notification of Tenders

Get notified of internal and external tenders to members for bidding

Business and Forum Meetings

Nomination of members to participate in forums and business meetings

E-Directory listing

Display of establishment's data in the Chamber's electronic business directory

News Notification

Publishing of establishment news to all Chamber members to allow opportunities for mutual business relations

Representing The Members

Representing members before government agencies and striving to solve the problems and challenges they face

Direct Communication with Staff

Providing a direct communication service between the customer and Chamber staff

Events and Meetings

Attending Chamber's meetings and events

Workshop and Courses

Attending training workshops and courses

Opening Bank Account

Enabling members to open a current account for the company without a minimum balance

Insurance on Export

Export insurance services

Discounts on Financial Services

Discounts and preferential prices on financial auditing services, feasibility studies, and money management

Discount on legal services

Discounts and preferential prices on legal services

Discounts on Insurances

Discounts and preferential prices on car, employee, and equipment insurance services (Oman Insurance (Sukoon))

Discount on tuition fees

Discount on tuition fees for Chamber members, their families, and employees (Umm Al Quwain University)

Notification of policies, laws, and circulars

Notification of policies, laws, and circulars related to the economic sector to members