Source: Al-Bayan

UAE has the best health system in the Arab world, according to a recent report published by Step Feed.

The website said in its report that the UAE, thanks to its developed economy, the stability it enjoys, and high-quality health care, has invested heavily in its medical field over the past few years and is constantly appearing as the largest and best health care system in the region in the annual statistics.

Last year, the country\’s health care system topped all Arab countries in the Legatum Prosperity Index, ranking 47th out of 167 countries around the world.

The health care system in the country is divided into \”a comprehensive health service funded by the government and a rapidly developing private health sector.\” The country also boasts impressive healthcare spending per person, and its hospitals have been technologically developed.

By allocating huge budgets for this vital field, the concerned authorities have made room for expansion, developing centers equipped with the latest high-tech medical devices and equipment, to deal with viral disease and providing more testing services than many local officials have allowed to expand access and develop centers equipped with the latest high-tech medical equipment.

And its advanced medical system helped to deal effectively with the \”Corona\” virus and allocated additional budgets to deal with this emerging epidemic and to provide more means of examination more than several countries.

Kuwait came after the Emirates, then Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.