Source: Al-Bayan Newspaper

The seventh session of the UAE-New Zealand Joint Economic Committee was launched yesterday, chaired by His Excellency Engineer Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, and David Parker, Minister of Trade and Export Development New Zealand, which witnessed an agreement to consolidate the frameworks of cooperation between the two countries in 12 vital sectors serving economic and development fields Different

The work of the committee was attended by Eng. Mohammed Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Shehhi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy for Economic Affairs, His Excellency Jumaa Muhammad Al Kait, Assistant Undersecretary for Foreign Trade Affairs at the Ministry of Economy, and Mr. Sultan Darwish, Director of the Department of Joint Economic Committees at the Ministry, alongside His Excellency Humaid Muhammad bin Salem, Secretary-General of the Federation of State Chambers of Commerce, and a selection of representatives of federal and local government agencies from the country. On the New Zealand side, His Excellency Stuart Horn, Director General of the Middle East and Africa Department at the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and His Excellency Matthew Hawken New Zealand\’s ambassador to the UAE, and a number of senior officials and representatives of government agencies Nioselandah.

The two sides affirmed during the committee’s work the strong economic and commercial relations that bind the UAE and New Zealand, and the importance of continuing joint efforts to explore more opportunities for cooperation in priority sectors, and working to open new fields for the private sector in the two countries to establish fruitful partnerships that serve development efforts and work to enhance the capabilities of the two countries In the fields of interest related to technology, industry, space, innovation, small and medium enterprises, agriculture, food cooperation, financial services, tourism, civil aviation, quality of life and infrastructure.

The committee also reviewed the existing cooperation between the two parties regarding the participation of New Zealand companies in Expo 2020, the commercial and investment opportunities offered, ways of developing and empowering small and medium-sized companies and working to increase the exchange of economic and trade delegations, and developing advanced models of cooperation among government institutions.

His Excellency Engineer Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, said: We look at this session of the joint economic committee between the two countries as a milestone for the path of economic and commercial relations in the next stage, as the committee focused on dealing with a number of vital issues and laid a clear vision for the path of bilateral relations between the two friendly countries according to frameworks Specific and clear working mechanisms that guarantee the development and development of economic and trade ties and serve many areas of development.

Al-Mansouri pointed out that the state, in light of its readiness for the next fifty years, is working to focus on the sectors of technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized companies, financial and technical services, artificial intelligence, and the trend towards a digital economy in a way that enhances the country\’s competitive position.

His Excellency said that despite the various economic challenges that the global economy is witnessing and the current global trade tensions and their impact, the two countries have succeeded in maintaining positive rates of trade exchanges, as the total volume of non-oil trade between the two countries amounted to about 732 million US dollars in 2018, which formed Including imports, about 482 million USD, while non-oil exports recorded 47.7 million USD.

His Excellency pointed out that, in light of the economic capabilities and capabilities enjoyed by the two sides, there is a need to explore more opportunities for cooperation, work to diversify the existing partnership frameworks, and encourage the business community to enter into joint investments, especially in sectors that serve the development plans of the two countries and achieve mutual benefit.

Al-Mansouri added that creativity and innovation have become today essential drivers for sustainable development, and the UAE pays special attention to building and developing its capabilities in the fields related to innovation, advanced science, scientific research, development, and artificial intelligence, and ways to employ these technologies in a manner that creates value for the national economy and enhances the state\’s position and competitive reputation.

He said that the UAE is a regional and international destination for business and investors, in light of its flexible legislative environment, advanced infrastructure, technological technology and economic-financial systems that enjoy a high level of transparency and in accordance with the international best practices in effect, pointing out that there is an ideal opportunity for New Zealand companies to enhance their presence in the country The expansion of its investments in sectors of interest, and also with the participation of New Zealand companies in Expo 2020, which represents a qualitative opportunity to review the available commercial and investment capabilities and capabilities and linking the business communities of the two countries, which will create a significant increase in For joint economic activities between the two countries, and it will open up tremendous opportunities for companies and countries that can well prepare to reach the world through Expo 2020.

Today, he added, more than / 21 / successful New Zealand companies operating in the UAE with vital and important sectors, and that the country has a regional headquarters for its operations, expressing his aspiration to see more companies from New Zealand establishing offices and partnerships with Emirati companies and taking the regional headquarters of the country from the country. His Excellency pointed to the continuous growth in the number of tourists from both countries, as the number of New Zealand tourists to the UAE recorded growth of 3.8% in 2019 to reach 57382 compared to 55294 in 2018.

For his part, New Zealand Minister of Trade and Export Development David Parker said: We are keen to expand and consolidate trade and economic ties between the UAE and New Zealand and work to develop cooperation in the fields of innovation and create new partnerships between government agencies and the private sector in both countries, and also work to diversify and expand the prospects for economic and trade relations between the two countries and building on the existing strategic relations, pointing out that the UAE is a destination for many New Zealand companies to expand its activities in the region.

He affirmed his country\’s keenness to enhance its participation in Expo 2020 through government institutions as well as many New Zealand companies and praised the great progress being witnessed in construction and construction operations on the ground at Expo 2020 headquarters in Dubai, expressing his aspiration to be present during the largest global event in the Middle East.

He pointed out the importance of the existing cooperation between the two countries in a number of sectors, most notably aviation, as well as the food sector where New Zealand food products have a competitive reputation in the UAE and region markets, as the UAE represents a destination for re-exporting New Zealand products to the region and Africa. He added that there are more than 20 New Zealand companies specialized in the field of food and beverages, which are currently participating in the works of Gulf Food Exhibition held in Dubai this week.

The New Zealand Minister reviewed the advanced experiences of New Zealand companies in a number of biotechnology sectors in the healthcare field and a number of other precision technologies.

He concluded: We look forward to the UAE’s celebration next year of its completion of 50 years of progress, prosperity, development, tolerance, and openness to the world.

The minutes of the seventh session of the joint economic committee between the two countries focused on setting a clear economic and development agenda between the two countries to advance cooperation efforts in the following sectors, as the minutes included an agreement to strengthen the frameworks of cooperation in trade and economic relations and work to increase and diversify trade exchange goods between the two sides, as the record discussed The developments and developments of the free trade agreement between New Zealand and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the agreement on the importance of advancing cooperation efforts in this regard, and the New Zealand side expressed its appreciation to the UAE side for its continuous support to confirm the importance of this trade agreement Rh between the two sides.

The minutes also addressed the development of models for cooperation between government sectors G2G, as the two sides recognized the importance of partnerships and government cooperation between the two countries in several areas, including happiness and quality of life.

In addition to that, the two sides agreed to explore opportunities to exchange experiences in policies and programs for small and medium enterprises, and to encourage business leaders in both countries to take advantage of advanced technology and innovation in manufacturing and trade in both countries and also at the level of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. The two sides also discussed products and food industries And the agricultural sector, and the two sides agreed to close cooperation between the government and private sectors in both countries in all fields related to food, food processing, agricultural commercial business, agriculture, food technology, and others.

The two sides emphasized that New Zealand is an important strategic partner of the United Arab Emirates for food security.

In addition to that, the cooperation included the financial sector and benefiting from the latest technological developments and accurate technology in all its aspects in this vital sector, as well as civil aviation, where the two sides stressed the importance of continuing the work of the open skies system, which reflects positively on many commercial and tourism ties as well as in the level of individual transportation.

The two sides also expressed their commitment to work closely to enhance the impact of participation in Expo 2020 in Dubai, in which the New Zealand side participates through a unique approach that works on sustainability in various aspects of life.

The cooperation included the fields of specifications and standards, and renewable energy, as the two sides expressed their interest in encouraging partnerships between energy companies in the two countries to improve the transfer of technical expertise and joint investment .. as well as cooperation in environmental fields and combating the effects of climate change and developing partnerships between institutions from the public and private sectors that are based on developing new initiatives that seek to encourage sustainability and protect the environment.