Source: Al-Bayan Newspaper

The UAE ranked first in the region and the third globally, after China and India, on the “Agility” logistic index for emerging markets for 2020

For the first time, since the index’s inception, the UAE is in the top 10 list of all three sub-indices

This jump in classification is the result of the continued openness of the financial sector, transparent organizational structure, and anti-corruption frameworks, as well as the comprehensive national strategy for SME development.

The Arab Gulf states outperformed most other emerging markets in the eleventh edition of the Agility Logistics Index for Emerging Markets

It measures the competitiveness of these markets based on the strength of logistics and the fundamentals of doing business

 The favorable conditions for doing business and the main strengths contributed to granting the Gulf states advanced positions in the ranking of the index after the two giant markets.

China ranked first, and India ranked second, along with Southeast Asian countries. The Gulf countries occupied the advanced rankings

Where the UAE ranked third, Saudi Arabia VI, Oman 14, Bahrain 15, and Kuwait 19. Among the Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia ranked fourth, Malaysia fifth, Thailand IX, and Vietnam XI because of its strong performance.