source: AL-bayan

UAE was ranked second in the world in the ratio of entrepreneurs to the total population of the country, according to the data contained in the \”Global Entrepreneur Report 2019/2020\”, released yesterday by the \”Global Observatory of Entrepreneurship\” in London.

The percentage of entrepreneurs in the Emirates to the total population of adults \”between the ages of 18 to 60\” during the past year 8,2%.

Australia came in third with 8%, while Ireland ranked fourth with 7.5%, and Slovenia came in fifth with 7%.

The UK ranked first with a percentage of 8.4%.

The UAE was also ranked fifth globally in the same report on the \”National Context for Entrepreneurship\”, which monitors the supportive climate for entrepreneurship in each country, based on a score of points according to the opinions of international experts in the field of entrepreneurship.

In 2019, the UAE got a balance of 5.84 points, a difference of no more than 0.21 points from Switzerland, which ranked first with a score of 6,05 points. The Netherlands came second with 6,04 points, while China ranked fourth with 5,98 points.

The UAE surpassed the supportive climate for entrepreneurship over Norway, which ranked ninth with 5,52 points, the United States of America came in the tenth place with 5,31 points, Canada, which ranked 14th with 5,16 points, Germany «16, With a score of 5,04 points, and Sweden “the 19th, 4.92 points.”

Turning to the report on the entrepreneurial climate in the UAE in 2019 in detail, the report stated that the ownership percentage of entrepreneurs for their commercial projects in the UAE during the past year was 7%.

The report also ranked the UAE in the tenth position globally in intentions towards adult entrepreneurship among its total adult population, with 38.5% of them expressing their intentions for entrepreneurship in 2019.

The UAE was ranked 11th in the world in the confidence of entrepreneurs in their ability to achieve great fortunes through entrepreneurship, as 72.3% of the country\’s entrepreneurs demonstrated this confidence during the past year.

The UAE was also ranked 11th in the world in starting entrepreneurial activity early, with 16.4% of business leaders in the country starting entrepreneurial activity during 2019 and they are in their early stages.

The UAE ranked 12th globally in the ease of starting a business, with 66.1% of the country\’s adult population reporting the ease of starting and establishing businesses in the country during the past year.

By the same token, the UAE ranked 13th in the world in terms of providing opportunities for adult residents of countries to start and establish businesses in their fields of specialization in 2019.

And the UAE has ranked 12th in the world again, in knowing the people who started a new business, as 61,5% of the adult population in the UAE benefited from their knowledge of people who established new businesses during 2019.

The UAE ranked 18th globally in the impact of entrepreneurship on various industries, with 25.8% of business leaders in the country reporting in 2019 that they were satisfied with the impact of entrepreneurship on the services available in the field of trade and business.

The UAE was ranked 19th in the world in the adult population’s awareness of their commercial capabilities, with 62.2% of them showing their awareness last year of possessing the skills and knowledge necessary for entrepreneurship.

The report stated that 51.7% of UAE business leaders expressed confidence during 2019 that they are able to make a difference in their lives and in the society surrounding them through entrepreneurship.