Government Acceleration Team was launched under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and following up directly from the Minister of Economy and in cooperation with all federal and local agencies and institutions and programs concerned about youth projects and entrepreneurs. The Ministry has launched the national program to support modern and innovative start-ups.

Umm Al Quwain Chamber of Commerce and Industry was a participant in the national program to support modern and innovative companies. This program, sponsored and developed by the Ministry of Economy, will contribute to the development of the UAE\’s innovation climate, although this is the first system for fostering innovation and ideas, but it has been preceded by many efforts and procedures in the field of fostering entrepreneurs and innovative projects.

The Umm Al Quwain Chamber and the Saud Bin Rashid Al Mualla Program for youth projects support believe that this national program is important and that, through its understandings with the Ministry of Economy and related institutions, it notes the importance of introducing innovators, supporting them, introducing them, providing financial incentives through exemptions and contributing to loan arrangements. The Chamber continues to provide legal and economic advice and prepare feasibility studies for these projects related to entrepreneurs and their innovators and to prepare workshops and training courses for The company will continue to participate in all efforts that achieve the objectives of the national indicators of innovation and the consolidation of the concept and areas of innovation and embrace New ideas. All with the aim of achieving the vision and guidance of the UAE government in excellence and leadership in the world and we are proud of our cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and all stakeholders on this vital aspect.