Source: Al-Watan newspaper

The Ministry of Finance launched the activities of the first day of its program for the month of Emirates Innovation 2020 under the slogan \”Finance innovates 2020\”, which will be held over two days at the Union Museum in the Emirate of Dubai.

His Excellency Younis Haji Al-Khoury indicated during the event that the United Arab Emirates has, over the past ten years, become, thanks to the insightful vision of its rational leadership, that foresees and manufactures the future, a pioneer in change at the world level, and a global center to attract and nurture talents, talents and creative minds, to build a generation of innovators Able to meet future challenges and simulate economies that depend on knowledge and innovation, stressing that the Expo 2020, which the country hosts within a few months, will be another testament to the firm desire of the UAE in the pursuit of creativity and innovation.

His Excellency said: “The Ministry of Finance is keen to continue working and launch many initiatives aimed at advancing innovation and creativity in all fields, to achieve the vision of the UAE government that directed the intensification of efforts and reviewing government policies, with the aim of creating a stimulating environment for innovation that brings the UAE to the first centers globally and makes it Among the world\’s most innovative governments by 2021. The Ministry has therefore adopted an approach and made it an integral part of every practice, process, and service, and has endeavored to provide a stimulating and stimulating environment for innovation by launching initiatives, strategies, and programs that would Establishing and spreading the culture of innovation in the UAE.

The first day witnessed a keynote speech delivered by Mr. Jeff Hoffman, an award-winning entrepreneur, and CEO and an expert in the field of innovation and accelerated growth in entrepreneurship, who won the “Qarami Award”, and was distinguished by presentations on the elements of the Global Innovation Index (GII) and the performance of the United Arab Emirates Besides organizing a set of interactive workshops.

During the event, the Hackathon Challenge was announced, in which a group of entrepreneurs and members of the Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund participated.