Source: Emirates Today

The exchange rate of the dirham increased against the currencies of the top 10 import partners of the UAE from non-dollar-linked countries, by 0.1% on a quarterly basis, and by 0.34% on an annual basis at the end of 2019

The dirham exchange rate increased during the last quarter of 2019 against the currencies of the 10 most important export partners of non-dollar and non-oil-exporting countries, with a rise of 0.18% on a quarterly basis and 0.08% on an annual basis

The quarterly review report issued by the Central Bank, yesterday, showed that the bilateral exchange rates indicate a rise in dirhams on a quarterly basis against the currencies of the top 10 import partners from non-dollar countries, with the exception of the British pound, the Vietnamese dong, and the Korean won. These countries are, respectively, China, India, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Italy, France, Switzerland, and South Korea

The export partners are countries: India, Turkey, Kuwait, Iraq, Switzerland, China, Egypt, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Germany.