Source: Emirates News Agency

The Federation of State Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce signed a memorandum of understanding yesterday to establish trade and economic relations for mutual benefit between the business circles of both sides and to promote trade and industrial ties. The memorandum was signed during a meeting with Hamid Mohamed bin Salem, Secretary-General of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the state – yesterday at the Emirates Towers, Jumeirah in Dubai –\” Carlo Thielen\”, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg and the accompanying delegation in the presence of His Excellency \”Mohammed Issa Bushhab Al Suwaidi\”, the country\’s ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, the country\’s ambassador is not resident in Luxembourg His Excellency Elizabeth Cardoso Gordao, Ambassador of the Duchess of Luxembourg to the country, \”Farida Abdullah Qambar Al-Awadhi\”, President of the Emirates Business Women Council and \”Ahmed Jamei Al-Qizi\”, Director of Economic Department at the Federation of Chambers.

The memorandum constitutes a reference for strengthening relations between the private sector institutions in the two countries, especially the chambers of commerce and industry, and its members from companies, institutions and business owners, and aims to increase communication between companies and to identify the possibilities available for production, export, investment and exchange of information and experiences to integrate the role of the private sector in the two countries with the role of the two governments in building advanced relations.

During the meeting, ways of enhancing trade relations between the private sector institutions of both sides were discussed, in addition to enhancing commercial and investment cooperation and exchanging experiences and experiences in the sectors of real estate development, investments, communication, tourism, exhibitions, information, and markets.

Hamid bin Salem expressed the willingness of the Federation of Chambers in the country and the member rooms to cooperate in trade with the delegation and to consolidate the relationship between the two countries in the field of trade exchange and support business owners who want to invest in the UAE and the establishment of companies .. Calling investors from members of the visiting delegation to take advantage of investment opportunities and facilities available in all areas, especially In the sectors of tourism, industry and other fields.