The Ministry of Economy affirmed that the country’s markets are in good condition in terms of the availability and diversification of commodities of various types, primarily basic, food and medical commodities. The Ministry also confirmed that the movement of imported goods and goods into the country is taking place in the required and planned manner, to provide all the requirements of the markets and the needs of consumers in all emirates of the country.

She stressed that the climate for shopping and consumption throughout the country is safe and stable, and is able to provide the goods, products, and supplies that society groups need in different circumstances, in addition to the existence of highly efficient policies regarding the strategic stockpile of the state of basic commodities, ensuring their sufficiency and vitality and meeting the needs Long and sufficient consumers.

The Ministry stated that it is in continuous coordination with all merchants, import and export committees, major sales outlets and cooperative societies in the emirates of the country, to ensure the continuity and smooth operation of the supply of goods in the required manner, in a manner that ensures the maintenance of the state of abundance, diversity and price stability.

The Ministry of Economy called on citizens and residents not to be tempted by rumors in this regard, or to practice unhealthy consumer behavior, stressing that all segments of society seek reliable and correct news and sound guidance from governmental, official and competent authorities, to avoid any random practices in the markets.

The ministry called on all consumers in different state markets to report any cases that violate the consumer protection law in the state, whether by the unjustified raising of prices, or unsound commercial practices in relation to display and availability of products, through communication with the direct contact center for consumer protection in the ministry at Number: (600 522 225), or the relevant local government agencies.