source: Al-Bayan

The UAE topped the countries of the Middle East and North Africa region to attract business leaders, according to the results of a survey recently conducted by the American company \”Oliver Wyman\” for management consulting, in cooperation with the Jordanian non-profit organization \”Injaz Al Arab\”.

The results of the survey showed that the UAE is the best destination in the region in providing the appropriate environment for entrepreneurship and support and incubation of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

The questionnaire was conducted on a sample of young people from all countries of the region, with a strength of nearly 2,500 young people, ranging in age from 16 to 36 years.

The survey results showed that the UAE is distinguished by its ability to build a healthy ecosystem for entrepreneurship and stimulating startups, making it the best in the region a strong competitor to the best countries in the world in this regard.

The results also showed that the majority of young people within the sample of the questionnaire intends to start their plans regarding their new commercial projects and startups in the Emirates in the near future, regardless of the economic repercussions resulting from the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, stressing that these repercussions did not deter them from their desire to start their business in Country.