We are truly a people and rulers who cannot be satisfied without the stars. We have the right to be proud and congratulate ourselves on rulers who have achieved hope and elevation for us and their nation.
It is a source of joy for the people of the Emirates and all the Arab peoples and all of humanity, this beautiful patience and this wonderful persevering work of the children of Zayed made the flag and name of the Emirates flying among the stars and racing with it, and our rulers said and did, that he mentioned what the fathers wrote and it is an epic that will be followed by other epics of a people who love peace and joy.
On behalf of my brothers, members of the Board of Directors of Umm Al Quwain Chamber, we extend our sincere congratulations and congratulations to His Highness, the President and Vice President of the State, and their Highnesses, the Rulers of the Emirates, and the Crown Prince, stressing our keenness to work for the sake of the elevation and pride of our beloved country, the Emirates of glory, goodness, and tolerance.
Khalfan Ahmed Misfer
Chairman of Board of Directors